Aug 8, 2009

Another working weekend

DH took Friday off and is working on the new bathroom this weekend. He is making good progress. The bathtub is now set, plumbed, and surrounded by Hardi-backer.
DH is now installing Hardi-backer on the floor before he finishes up the the plumbing. After that, his goal for the rest of the weekend is to finish insulating the outside wall and to put up the rest of the sheetrock.
I haven't stitched a lick. I spent yesterday mowing as we had a bit of rain last week that greened up the grass and caused it to grow again. I haven't needed to mow since mid-June.
And tomorrow night is the start of football season! Yippee! I love football. I will miss John Madden on Sunday Night Football as the silly man decided to retire. But his replacement, Cris Collinsworth, is a good color man and I enjoy him. I was extremely glad that Phil Sims didn't get the job - I would have seriously considered not watching as I can't stand him and his blatant and uninformed opinionating.

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