Aug 24, 2009

Our weekend

DH took Friday off and we had a productive weekend.
On Friday, we went to town and price-shopped for a gate, gate opener and fencing supplies. We want to put a lockable gate at the end of our driveway at the road. We'd also like to have a gate opener so that we don't have to get in and out of the car/truck to open and close it.
Our driveway is about 1000 feet long and the land on either side of it is not ours. One of the landowners hunts his land and allows friends to hunt it also. Last year, some poachers came up our driveway, accessed his land and hunted without his permission.
A locked gate would prevent this from happening again. We'll get this done sometime before hunting season starts. We have to arrange with a different neighbor for use of his post hole auger (he's already offered to let us use it when we need it).
DH also got a lot of piddly things done like unclog a slow draining sink and several minor carpentry projects for me (which I had to paint). I'll post pictures of those when they're done.
I spent Saturday making DH shoe shelves on his side of the closet. He was using canvas shoe bags, but they were saggy and big and not very neat looking. The new shoe shelves are things of beauty!
Sunday afternoon, DH moved the propane tank from one side of the house to the other.
Occasionally he called me outside to help. Mostly I did a bit of stitching (pictures later). All in all, it was a productive weekend.


Rachel S said...

Y'all were busy! Wow!

mark said...

Productive weekends give me such a great satisfaction. I'm sure you feel the same. Now, how about those pictures of stitching?!


Cindy F. said...

Awesome shelves girl! Good job!
hmmm....I need a carpenter to build shoe shelves;)