Aug 9, 2009

Reflecting on football

The Hall of Fame game is on tonight. DH and I will enjoy watching it. It will be interesting to see how Terrell Owens - now of the Buffalo Bills, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys - plays.
We never really cared for TO when he played with the Cowboys. Oh yes, he is talented, but he has such an insufferable attitude and a rather sharp tongue. Of course, a lot of players these days have such an attitude.
DH has some very happy childhood memories of a couple of Dallas Cowboys as he was growing up in the Dallas area in a middle-class neighborhood.
Bob Lily and Lee Roy Jordan of the Dallas Cowboys lived in DH's neighborhood, and they often played football in their front yards with the neighborhood boys, DH among them. Bob Lily kept an old mailbox full of press photos near his door to sign for people who came knocking on his door asking for his autograph. Once, Walt Garrison came by to visit Bob Lily and he sat around and talked with the neighborhood kids for a bit.
Would this happen today? Unlikely as the times are a lot different. But DH still gets a kick out of telling people that he used to "play football" with Bob Lily and Lee Roy Jordan.
Emma doesn't find football very exciting.


Jennifer said...

Playing football with the Cowboys? My DH would pass out with delight. :-)

We didn't much care for TO either. I was extremely unhappy (but not surprised) when I heard he was coming to Dallas, though much happier (and equally not surprised) when I heard he was leaving. Hopefully our Boys will get their acts together this year.

Gloria said...

Cute pic of Emma. She looks so bored. LOL

I watch pro football but college games are my favorite games to watch.

TO is a spoiled brat and will cause trouble wherever he goes. IMO

I've heard lots of nice things about Bob Lily.

Rachel S said...

SO would pass out with delight too to play with them. He is such a good Cowboy fan--he wore his Ware jersey into Eagle fan territory and took the heat bravely and with Dallas pride!

I won't be watching that game tonight. I'll be glad for pre-season!

mark said...

I'm with Emma. I find football so boring (unless UT is Otherwise, I'm stitching, reading or doing something else. Mark LOVES football...sooooo here we go! Another season.

Don't give up on the Alamo. I'm saying that because IT IS my birthday present??!!