Aug 19, 2009

Dog days of summer ramblings

Tomorrow, I'm going to town to buy tile for the new bathroom. I'm buying white tile. White tile for the tub surround and white tile for the floor. We're painting the walls white. I know. We're boring. But we like white walls. Everything goes with white. Even white goes with white.
White makes everything light and airy-looking. I like light and airy. We will have a thin accent border of colored tile about a foot from the ceiling in the tub surround. Probably a light blue if I can find tile that color. If not, then a tan color.
And you wonder about people. I was checking out in the grocery store today and had to wait in line. I was standing behind a woman and her four daughters. They were (as we say here in Texas) "burly women." They had a full basket of food. Frozen pizzas, TV dinners, Lunchables, packaged chips, Pop Tarts, eight cases of sodas, probably 40 pounds of beef, juice boxes, candy, Hamburger Helper, bags and bags of cookies, white bread, ice cream. There was not one single fruit or vegetable in the basket. I can't help but think that their "burliness" was a direct result of their lack of nutritious food.
And I almost applauded a mother in Wal-Mart today. She was shopping for school supplies with her young daughter and toddler son who was sitting in the basket. He was a jolly and clearly happy kid. He looked around and bellowed, "HI PEOPLE HI PEOPLE HI PEOPLE!!!" at the top of his lungs. His mom placed her hand firmly over his mouth, leaned in close and said, "James, you know you may not scream in a store. If you scream again, we will leave now and go straight home and you will not get to pick out an apple to eat for in the car on the way home." Land sakes! A parent that disciplines and doesn't let her child scream in public! AND she bribed her kid with something nutritious instead of candy! I had to give her a thumbs up and she grinned back.
Then Emma liked to have scared the daylights out of me. She had some type of - for lack of a better word - seizure this afternoon. She fell off her bed and started thrashing around as she couldn't stand up. Her right side was affected. It lasted about three minutes. I picked her right up and phoned the vet and took her right in for a check up. She was fine by the time we got there. But the vet checked her over and is running blood tests anyway. Hopefully it is nothing. If it is something, then we'll deal with it. She is fine now and insisted on playing with her tennis ball when we got back from the vet's. She's dropped it at my feet and is waiting for me to throw it again.
I haven't stitched a lick since last week; I'm still reading through all the Harry Potter books again as they caught my attention. I think I've got a case of the dog days of August stitching blahs. And I haven't seen any new patterns lately that interest me. (Although I did buy an older Margaret Sherry calendar off eBay last week because I liked an old pattern in it.)


mark said...

When I go to the store (which I absolutely abhor), I have to snoop at the checkout line at other peoples groceries. Yep, it's amazing. It also makes me look at my own basket. I think I'm "ok"

Weird about Emma. I had to take Shilo to the vet yesterday as when we got up, he couldn't walk on his back right leg. Of course, like Emma, by the time we got to the vet, it wasn't near as bad. The vet told me that Shilo going for a drive, having a run-in with a kitty on the way to the car, gave him a shot of natural adrinaline (sp)which helped whatever is going on. Shilo's on drugs right now for a few days, has to stay quiet (yeah...a lab...quiet), and see how he is then.


Rachel said...

Kudos to the mom and the apple! I loved the comment of "and you cannot pick an apple"

Hope everything is ok with Emma.

Daffycat said...

Good on the mother you saw! It only took two times of leaving a store and going straight home for Jessie to learn to behave on outings. After that I only had to say, "Do we need to leave?" and I had instant obedience!

OMG I hope Emma is okay! My parents have a cat that has seizures. He takes pills daily for them. Give her a snuggle for me.

Gloria said...

I guess we are boring. We have white surround tile and white floor tile in two bathrooms. I love it.

I have one shelf in my freezer that is reserved for the occasional junk food crave. When I replenish that shelf, at the checkout I always feel the need to explain that we don't eat that junk all the time.

Poor Emma! How scary. I hope and pray it is nothing serious. Please keep us posted.

Cindy F. said...

Oh Lord! Bless Emma's heart! I bet that scared you to death! That vet better take good care of "our" Emma or he/she will have a lot of angry stitchers to deal with!

White is very big on some design shows and you're can add any color accent pieces. Not boring at all!