Aug 21, 2009

All the way from the UK

I saw a cute finish on the 123 Message Board a bit ago and decided to look for the chart. It's a Margaret Sherry pattern and it's in a 2004 calendar called "Country Friends" from CrossStitcher magazine (UK).
I found it on eBay and ordered it. It came from the UK by airmail and arrived in less than a week. It was not folded, spindled or mutilated and I was amazed!
Here is the calendar cover.
And here is the pattern I mostly bought it for, even though they are all darn cute. I'll be stitching one for a Christmas ornament, but the kitty I'll be stitching for me!


Daffycat said...

***giggle*** I've stitched that kitty before ~ hilarious!

Rachel S said...

I did one of the december ones from that calendar. It's a good un

Cindy F. said...

Ha! Too cute!!!