Aug 17, 2009

Book attack

Well, I didn't do any stitching this weekend, in spite of my grand plans. I was attacked by a book and didn't get away from it and its friends until this morning. Sometimes, I just have to read and read and read...
But I should pick up my needle again tonight. I do want to get "The Alamo" finished sometime. I've decided that if my backstitching is off then so be it. The Alamo is built of stone. Stone isn't absolutely straight and my backstitching won't be either. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
And I have a few Christmas ornaments I need to stitch. I'm sure the IH35 Stitchers will do another ornament swap this year. And I've got an off-road truck to stitch for my oldest nephew. My "One Nighter" patterns came in the mail so I now have lots of cars, trucks, trains, and planes to choose from to stitch for him.
DH was off at a continuing education seminar on Friday and Saturday in Austin. He has to have so many continuing education credits a year to keep his credentials up to date. There were four guys from work that went. Of course, on Friday night, they all went to Cabela's to shop for hunting stuff. Then on Sunday, a couple of them went to a lease and went bowhunting for pigs.
DH saw lots of deer (but it isn't deer season yet) but no pigs that he could shoot. So he didn't bring home the bacon.
I've been getting a lot of invites to join Facebook and MySpace. I went and looked over both sites. I decided that as I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own blog, I didn't need the added distraction of Facebook or MySpace. (And I frankly don't see the point of Twitter.) Call me an old fogey, but I won't be joining or doing any of those things.


mark said...

What books were you reading? I'm a reader also, and got a mystery finished this weekend.

I agree with you on "The Alamo". It wasn't perfect so why should the back stitching? Really. I already commented on that!

As for Facebook and MySpace. If you got a friends request from me, blame it on Cindy! I didn't have it until Cindy asked me to join. I certainly didn't know that Facebook goes through your email contacts...sorry about that. However, I must say that since I joined Facebook last week, I've hooked up with 3 nieces and a nephew that I hadn't heard from in AGES. I guess that's good...I'll let you know later if it wasn'


Rachel S said...

I will cross my fingers the hunting gets better. Aren't those pigs mean?

Cindy F. said...

Really cute over nighters! and great idea for ornies for your nephews.

Hey, I started Facebook a year ago and shut it down a week after I started. A year later, my aunt in N.C. writes and says she's on Facebook, so I cut it back on! Dear Lord!! Between working the new job and playing that Mafia Warfare game on FB, THOSE are the reasons I'm behind on blogging, emailing, ironing......