Nov 20, 2009

"The Boys" are a pain

For those of you that asked, I bought my little recipe binders (4" x 6") at Office Depot in the index card area of the store. They come in 3" x 5" also.
It's raining and it's gloomy, grismal, and glummy here today. The sun should be out tomorrow, but today just makes me want to drive to a sunny beach somewhere. It's starting to get colder (okay, colder for south central Texas), too. I may have to break out the long pants soon and put on shoes. Blech.
I've been stitching on "The Boys" and I have decided that I will never buy or use Weeks Dye Works linen fabric again despite how fabulous their fabric colors are. It's just too...too...too...limp and icky; you could strain tea through it. And yeah, that's just my opinion as many of y'all probably love it.
To me, it looks like I was drunk when I stitched on it, and I don't drink. Anyway, here is a picture of my progress. (The buttons are just sitting on the fabric for now.)
DH was a little late getting home last night and Emma was looking for him out the front window (ignore all the construction piles on the porch). That's the arm of our couch she's standing on.


Rachel S said...

It looks good.

That may be that piece. I have some of their linen. I'll have to check to see how it is.

I wish they'd make an evenweave.

Daffycat said...

I had the same problem with Crossed Wing linen. I think this is why I like my own dyed fabric...because I can choose those fabrics I like to stitch on.

Gloria said...

The San Antonio shop had "The Boys" finished and framed. It is a really cute piece.

That picture of Emma is adorable! She is so smart and so sweet. Love Emma pictures.