Nov 24, 2009

Fer cryin' out loud!

Yesterday I posted about my cute little name tag design. Afterwards, I sat down to continue stitching on it in hopes of getting it finished. At one point, I stopped and attempted to insert it in the neck wallet to see how it would look.
It looked too big. I tried again. Nope. Too big. Good grief! Did I measure the name tag area incorrectly? I got out my tape measure. Nope. I measured it correctly. Did I use the wrong dimensions while designing? I pulled up Pattern Maker to check. Nope. I used the correct dimensions.
Okay. It's not the neck wallet area and it's not the pattern. Therefore, logically it must be the fabric. So I pulled out my fabric gauge. Yep. The fabric measures 25.5 threads to the inch when it's supposed to be 28 count. Stupid fabric.
I stitch on Charles Craft Monaco a lot. I love it. And I also never check the gauge. I do all my own framing and rarely worry about dimensions. This time, it came back to haunt me. Or rather, it made me stitch something over. Fer cryin' out loud!
Not to be deterred, I spent the morning stitching. Here it is hot off the hoop. I stitched it on 32 count Lugana this time to be safe. I'll recommend that everyone use 16/32 count when they stitch it, especially if they have a long name. (Don't worry I35 Stitchers, your pattern does not include the Aggie emblem.)
I'll post a picture once I get it mounted in the neck wallet. It may be a few days as I've got Thanksgiving festivities to plan for and participate in.
May all y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Stop to reflect and give thanks for all your blessings in life.


Rachel S said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lisa!

That is surprising about that Monaco. I would have thought Charles Craft would be precise.

Rachel S said...

The tag looks great! I am surprised about the issue with the count. iwould have thought better of Charles Craft.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mary said...

Puleeze....give me a longhorn or!!!!

Love it!

Mary (it's the A&M that jinxed

Barbara said...

Lisa...No more TA&M's ....only Longhorns...anxious to see the finished product.

Happy Thanksgiving