Nov 23, 2009

Deer, dear!

It was a good football weekend as the Cowboys, Texas Tech, and the Aggies all won! Emma was especially enthused about the wins this weekend.
Wives of hunters are special people. They put up with a lot. This weekend, DH's alarm clock went off twice at five in the morning. This happens pretty much every weekend during hunting season from the first weekend in October until early January or until the hunter has bagged his limit on whatever he is hunting. DH's alarm always wakes me up. I don't sleep through alarms as they annoy me.
However, this weekend DH bagged his second deer of the season. It was a large spike buck that yielded a lot of meat for the freezer. Wives of deer hunters are special people because they allow their hunting husbands to put their clothes in the washing machine after they have field-dressed a deer in the mud. Thank goodness for the "extra soiled" setting.
Of course I heard the rifle shot at 6:30 a.m. shortly after I had fallen back asleep. I gave up and got out of bed as I knew I would soon hear the roar of the riding lawnmower putzing around in the woods. We have a pull-behind cart for our riding lawnmower and DH uses it to bring the deer in from the woods to the area near the house where he field dresses it. Modern deer hunters - don't let them kid you, ladies; it's all about the tools, motors, and machines.
We wasted a weekend on the bathroom. We tried to overcome the problem we had pop up by fixing it inexpensively and we were not at all pleased with the results. So we had to go with the $$$ solution and are pretty much right back where we started before the problem came up. Oh well.
I stitched a little bit on Saturday while DH was doing more cleaning duty out in his shop. I can actually see the floor of it now. I haven't been able to see the floor since shortly after I painted it in June of '08. ☺
At our last I35 Stitchers meeting, Cindy said we all ought to have I35 Stitchers name tags for when we go to stitching retreats. She thought it would be fun to identify our group and Lynn thought it would be handy for recruiting more new friends for our group.
So I pondered this and came up with a cross stitched name tag design for us all, and I found some neck wallets online for us to put our stitched name tag in. I've used neck wallets before at events and they are very handy. Ours have an extra pocket and a zippered pouch on the back - very nice for carrying money or your room key at stitching retreats instead of lugging around your purse.
I wanted to have my name tag finished for our next meeting on December 5th for the other ladies to see. So I put "The Boys" away for a day or two to stitch on my name tag. Here it is so far. I'm stitching it on a scrap of Monaco I had with NPI silks.
And here's a picture of the neck wallet. The clear plastic display area doesn't show up really well, but that's where the name tag will go. I'll post a picture when I get mine finished.


Mary said...

The neck wallet is so cool as well as you're design! I think I'm gonna stitch mine in variegated floss...I

Waiting for that Deer Chili!


Gloria said...

I like the name tag design. Someday when I attend a retreat, I will have my neck wallet and name tag. Surely that is planning ahead, not just wishful thinking.

Emma and I shared the same enthusiasm for the Baylor/A&M game.