Nov 10, 2009

Getting it done

Our weekend was fairly productive. DH took yesterday off. He got the tile all sealed with two coats of sealer (after I made an emergency trip to Lowe's as the sealer didn't cover as many square feet as it said it would - they never do). He also spent time installing the tub faucet and sticking up the soap dish and shower towel bar. Then he caulked everything and cleaned up.
I was happy dancing during the clean up. Some of the construction piles are getting smaller! In case you haven't figured it out yet, piles of stuff vex me. I tolerate them, but they vex me greatly.
Today, I will be doing prep work for painting the bathroom. I have taping off, spackling, and caulking to do before I can paint. But I hope to have all the painting done by the end of the coming weekend.
I managed to get my nephews' soccer pillows sewn and finished. I had two soccer ball panels to make one pillow, but by using different backing fabric, I was able to make one pillow for each of them.
I also stitched a lot on "The Boys." Don't worry. Dracula is not a bilateral arm amputee; he has his arms around the shoulders of Frankenstein and Mummy and I've not stitched them nor his hands yet (I'm waiting on some floss to come in the mail!). His head is a button and they go on last. And I'm thoroughly unimpressed with Weeks Dye Works linen fabric.
DH hunted most mornings and evenings all weekend but got nothing. At one point, he spied a deer out one of the windows, grabbed his rifle and ran outside. Alas, it was a buck with too small antlers.


Rachel S said...

Looking good!

Lowe's should assume everyone lives 20 miles away and underestimate how much of their products poeple need. HTB sealed the driveway and it took 3 trips to Lowes to get that done.

TinaTx said...

Doesn't it seem like you are always short on something when you are doing any kind of DIY project? Of course in my case it usually means I end up getting something else besides what I went after when I go back!
I love having a window in the bathroom, but even in the country I just have a thing about having the window covered when I'm in there! (and we are NOT in the country here - you can spit on the houses on either side without any effort at all) I'm debating putting blinds in there - it is the only window in the house w/o them but the 'makeshift' curtain is working for now - and I kinda like it!
Wanna come paint my bathroom when you finish yours?

Cindy F. said...

Cute progress...thanks for warning about fabric.

You did a great job on the pillows!
Awesome gifts!