Nov 28, 2009


DH and I went down to Rockport for Thanksgiving to celebrate with his side of the family. My MIL had the misfortune of having her refrigerator die on Tuesday, so she was dealing with that (and five ice chests in the house).
Luckily, we had Thanksgiving dinner at DH's aunt's and uncle's house. As usual, we had a lot of fun. Dinner is always a very traditional and delicious meal, although this year a cousin brought some homemade tamales which were very good. We all cram around a couple of pushed-together tables in the dining room sitting elbow to elbow. At this table, if you ask for someone to pass a roll, they will - it will sail through the air down the table and you'd better catch it!
After we ate, Uncle Jerry and I by tradition washed and dried the dishes that needed it. (Aunt Sue is very sensible; we eat off paper plates!). This is always a hoot because Uncle Jerry is much more hard of hearing than I am, and doesn't wear a hearing aid in the ear I stand by as chief dish dryer. We yell at each other a lot. ☺
After all that, we all settled in to watch the Cowboys game. Go Cowboys! And later in the evening, we watched the Aggies and t.u. Boy! the Aggies really put up a valiant fight against t.u. this year - t.u. was worried! Gig 'em!
Friday morning, very early, DH and FIL went off to spend the morning fishing in the Gulf. They caught only one "keeper" and we had it for supper along with some previously caught fish and some fresh oysters as they're currently in season.
While the men were off catching supper, I went with MIL to continue her quest for a new refrigerator. She and FIL had found one at Sears the day the old one died, but the salesman called Friday morning and said that it couldn't be delivered until December 15th. Understandably, this vexed MIL, so we went in search of an acceptable "get there sooner" refrigerator. Happily, we found one.
We left for home this morning and we always stop at Turtle Bay Cafe and have brunch with MIL and FIL on our way out of town. This eatery is very tiny and it used to be a bait shack. It has very mismatched furnishings but really delicious food which is served on paper plates. The owner, Caroline, is a great home-style cook. MIL thinks she used to be a biker chick as she is a bit rough around the edges. ☺ DH had her homemade corned beef hash with eggs and a blueberry pancake that was at least 12" in diameter. I had ham steak, scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, and grits. Yep, that's a traditional southern breakfast.
After we got home, DH unpacked the car and then went off into the woods to hunt. The last thing he unpacked was Emma.

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