Nov 16, 2009

Days gone by

What a football weekend - the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M all lost. Poop.
The bathroom is progressing slowly. I got the durn thing all painted. Now we have piddly finishing things to do. DH needs to install the sink and toilet (and thus will the new toilet be FINALLY off my porch!). And I hope he can get the outside plumbing done before 2050. At the rate we're going, we'll have a completely finished bathroom that we can't use because the outside plumbing isn't finished.
Here are some "before and after paint" pictures. Those two holes in the wall are for medicine chests (we need all the storage we can get). And the shelves on the other wall is another built-in storage area. DH has to make a door for it. It utilizes the space behind the bathroom door. We got the idea for it from The Family Handyman magazine, "Built-in Bath Cabinet," February 2005.
I'm still stitching on "The Boys." I stitched the full moon with that DMC glow-in-the-dark floss (E940). What a pain it was to use! The next time I need to stitch something with glow-in-the-dark floss, I'll try Kreinik's. But it does indeed glow in the dark!
I started stitching on the lettering then frogged it all and had another floss toss because I didn't like the way the floss looked on the fabric. Or rather, I didn't like the way it blended in and completely disappeared on the fabric. Frogs are ick.
This weekend, things came to a head. I sent DH out to his shop (in between bouts of deer hunting - no joy) and told him to clean it! He hasn't really had time to get it organized and he's just been piling things about and leaving everything here and there.
I built a rag rug frame in there a week or so ago and had to move piles to use the chop saw and move more piles to find a space to work. I was sorely vexed. I hate piles.
I spent thirty minutes in the shop last week looking for my dang spackle knife and I never did find it. I ended up swiping the one out of DH's tool bucket. One of my pet peeves is not being able to find something because it's not where it should be. I called DH and ranted. So we decided that DH must take some time to get his shop organized. It's been driving him nuts, too, but not as nuts as it's driving me. And believe me, neither of us has far to drive to the nut house!


Rachel S said...

I'm totally blaming Jessica Simpson. After her Twitter posting last week, I know she was somewhere with that pink jersey on, kinxing us.

Cindy F. said...

The frogs were you're final straw this weekend!!

LOVE the built in cabinet! AWESOME!!
Wish we had that.

Missed you in San Antonio. Now what about that rag rug frame??? Sounds like something we need to know more about!

LoriRay said...

Well, well, well...aren't you just the little professional painter? I've got some jobs for you at my house anytime you wanna come. You're hired! And by the way, my DH could use"prodding" about being more organized, too. ;-)