Jul 18, 2010

He's got it pegged

DH has been nesting in his shop most of the weekend.  He spent yesterday getting all his lumber properly located.  He says he feels like he's moved all of it around the shop at least twice.  He also did more organizing.  

As he thought he'd lost them, he was very happy to find his pegboard tool racks when he was looking for something else; they were buried in the bottom of an old toolbox.  So he went to Lowe's for some pegboard to hang up all those tool racks and hang tools from the old toolboxes out where they'd be easy to find.
On another note, it's so hot today that the caulk DH is using is practically setting up as it comes out of the nozzle!  But in the last 15 minutes, clouds have rolled in and it is sprinkling rain and thundering and lightning outside.  If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait a bit as it is sure to change.


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