Jul 28, 2010

Interior decorating

I tend to keep things very simple when I decorate.  There's not a lot of stuff sitting around my house because I dislike dusting.  Most of my interior decorating schemes follow the "less means less dusting" theme.  I'd rather have stuff on the wall than sitting on a shelf or table.

I was recently digging through my stitching fabric storage (a blueprint flat file) when I noticed a couple of pieces I'd done in 2007, "Calamity Pippi" and "Beau Leggy" by Ink Circles.  I had the frame, glass, and foam core board all ready for them, I just hadn't gotten around to framing them.  So I did.
Then I had to find the right place to put them.  They ended up on DH's dresser with "Texas Nutcracker" by Mosey 'n' Me hanging on the wall over them along with a rustic bluebonnet hanging DH and I got at Canton First Monday many years ago.  

DH thinks I need to stick something over the nutcracker to even things out, and we found a pattern of a Colt .45 gun in my stash that I'll stitch as soon as I get done with "America."  The gun pattern I found on the orphan pattern table at a retreat; it's from 1977.  


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Mary said...

I like the decorating! The Colt will go perfect.