Aug 2, 2010

Afghan: Part One

Happy Birthday to my DBro!

DH and I have been laid low by our sinuses.  We have done nearly nothing on the bathroom remodel.  I haven't stitched much.  DH has not puttered in his shop much.  When you live in a valley near the Texas coast and your weather is affected by Gulf hurricanes, you also have worse sinus problems.  Oh well.
We had our first day over 100 degrees yesterday, with more to come.  The dog days of August (along with August) are here.
This morning, as I was making the bed, I folded up a couple of afghans.  DH and I always have two afghans folded up at the foot of the bed over our feet, even in the summer.  My afghan was made for me by my Mamaw when I was in high school.  She was in her late sixties when she learned to crochet, and she made each of her three grandkids an afghan.  My afghan went to college with me and has covered me during countless afternoon naps.  Its been on my bed every night for years.  I treasure it and want to always be like Mamaw, who was interested in learning new things all her life.  She taught grade school - mostly fifth grade - for fifty years before she retired, mostly in the small Texas town of Caddo Mills and also in Greenville.  She felt that she was never too old to learn something new.  May we all have that attitude.

Tomorrow, I'll tell the tale of DH's afghan.



Mary said...

What a beautiful afghan! Sorry y'all haven't been feeling well. We hit our first 100 yesterday...yikes!


Rachel S said...

What a great treasure, and so good that you use it!