Aug 16, 2010

Wow! A couple of finishes!

I'm not a fast stitcher.  This doesn't bother me as stitching is not a racing sport.  Although if I could stitch faster, I could get more of the things done in my stash that I want to get stitched done sooner.  ;-)

I was pleased to get the six-shooter finished in five days!  This is "1858 Remington .44 Revolver" in the OOP booklet Antique Handguns (it was printed in 1978).  I stitched it with DMC on 28 count cream Jubilee.  Now I am waiting on DH to make a frame for it.

I also stitched a Halloween ornament this weekend, "Jack O'Lantern" on page 27 of the 2010 JCS Halloween Ornament issue (Sept./Oct.).  I'll make it into a pillow ornament as soon as I get some backing fabric.  It is stitched on the fabric called for with DMC (it's really kind of a pumpkin orange; the flash washed out the color).  I substituted Mill Hill beads for the eye french knots as I hate doing them.

We've had a heat advisory here in our part of Texas all weekend.  So DH spent most of the weekend working outdoors.  Yeah.  He changed the oil in the car and truck.  Then he had to fix a bulb in the tail light of the Jetta, so he drove to town to buy the bulb.  When he got home and got the bulb replaced, he discovered that the Jetta's battery had died (it has been limping along for several months now).  So he drove back to town.  When he walked up to the counter in the auto parts store, the clerk gave him a funny look.  "Yeah," DH said, "I'm the guy who was here less than an hour ago buying a tail light bulb.  That's fixed.  Now my battery is dead."  The clerk said, "It's just not your day."  

Yesterday, DH communed with his man toys.  He cut down a few dead trees with his chainsaw, and then used the tractor and chainsaw to clear out some underbrush.  Oh, and the weedeater got a good workout, too.  Eventually, we'd like to get our land clear enough of underbrush that we can see from the house to our pond.  Someday.

I'm now stitching on my first biscornu.  I plan to make biscornu for my nephews as their Christmas ornament this year, so I figured I'd better make a practice one first for myself.  


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