Aug 26, 2010

Have you done this?

Last night I was working on the bottom part of my biscornu.  I was using the top part to cheat on counting the backstitching by holding the top and bottom alongside each other.  As I peered at my finished top, I thought that its square shape looked off.  So I started counting to check it.  

One side of the top kept coming out with the wrong count.  I was off!  Oh no!  I spent about 45 minutes of counting and muttering before I realized the problem; I had left a row of three stitches off one of the sheep.  My top is square!  (My brain, apparently, is, too.)  I got myself all worked up for nothing.

And though I think biscornu are kind of cute and challenging, I thing they're kind of useless.  I know some folks use them as pin cushions, but I already have a pin cushion I like.  You can make a really small biscornu and use it as a scissor fob, but I don't like scissor fobs on my scissors usually.  You can finish it with a hanging cord and make an ornament out of it, but I don't like a lot of stuff dangling around in my house.  

So, I'll probably stick the ones I make in a Longaberger basket that I bought in a moment of spendthriftiness at one of those Longaberger basket parties many years ago.  Right now, all it has in it is dust.  ;-)

We've had very hot temperatures down here in Texas lately.  They don't call 'em the dog days of August for no reason.  Emma likes to go outside and sit in the sun until she's panting like a maniac.  Then she comes in and finds the spot where the AC is blowing and goes belly-up.  Silly dog.  She's so lady-like!



Mary said...

That answers the question about the biscornu. As for Emma, it appears to me that she's asking for a belly rub!

Gloria said...

I think biscornu are cute but the finishing part does not appeal to me.
Love the pics of Emma cooling off.