Aug 10, 2010

GTG, Cowboys, enabling, and a finish

The I35 Stitchtogether Saturday was a blast as usual.  We had two new ladies (and we think we didn't scare them off!).  DH came with me and spent his time at Cabela's.  He didn't find anything for himself, but a couple of the guys at work sent him with a shopping list for them.

On Sunday, I finished "America" by Blackbird Designs.  I stitched it on 32 count Exemplar linen by Lakeside Linens and DMC.  I found a complimentary frame in our pile of frames and am now waiting for DH to cut it down to size for me.

I finished the Tom Landry book.  While it started out with his firing by Jerry-the-jerk Jones, it then went on to cover his life both before, during, and after his time with the Dallas Cowboys.  I found it a most enjoyable read.  Now I'm reading another biography about the guy who founded Kinko's.  It's turning out to be a very fun read, too.

And of course, it was great to have NFL football start up this weekend.  DH and I watched the Cowboys pre-season game on Sunday night.  (Yes! I'm ready for some football!) 

A lot of people equate the starting of NFL pre-season with the beginning of fall.  Maybe that happens up north, where the leaves begin to turn and temperatures get much cooler.  Here in south central Texas, we don't get fall until about mid-November.  I'll be running around in shorts, T-shirt, and barefoot at least until then.

I had told myself that I would not be indulging in the JCS Halloween issue.  Unfortunately, Mel showed up at the stitchtogether with a fresh copy and I made the mistake of looking through it.  So I had to go by Ginger's on the way home and get my own copy.  I even bought a piece of pumpkin orange linen to stitch the little pumpkin face on as Ginger's was selling ornament cuts of it.



Rachel S said...

Your finish is wonderful!

We didn't watch the pre-season on Sunday but I'm glad we won! It's time to shut the Redskins down!

Tracy said...

I enjoyed the group. It was nice to sit and stitch. Hopefully I'll be able to come next time.