Aug 20, 2010

Biscornu and deer

I feel like I've spent the summer painting things.  This week I've been painting the bathroom cabinet.  I'm done.  I ain't painting any more.  DH will begin doing the last things to the new bathroom tomorrow - installing the sink, stabbing the toilet, etc.  We hope to actually be able to use our new bathroom by the end of the weekend.  *crossing fingers and toes*

We still need to paint the doors to the cabinets (four of them), but I've decided that I am not painting them.  We'll have our friend Billy spray paint them.  The paint we chose for the cabinets/doors sprays on really well and covers with only two coats (plus a coat of primer).  If you brush it on (as I did with the cabinets themselves), you must use at least three coats of primer and five coats of paint to get good coverage.  And then there's those pesky brush marks...

Sometimes it's worth the money to avoid the aggravation and time spent.

And I'm stitching on my first biscornu.  It's a pattern by Barbara Ana Designs from Creative Poppy Patterns called "Blacksheep Biscornu."  You order online and they send you .pdf patterns.  First time buyers get a discount.  I really like her patterns as they are colorful and quirky.  

DH is gearing up for hunting season which starts October 2nd here in our part of Texas.  He put out his deer corn feeder several weeks ago and the deer come in the early morning and early evening to feed.  DH was practically happy dancing around the house last night when he realized there were two bucks at the feeder for the first time.  

Emma finds the deer annoying and spends lots of time barking at them when she sees them.  



Rachel S said...

I love Barbara Ana's designs!

Mary said...

I can't wait to see the finished bathroom. I've been following the progress and am looking forward to pics!