Aug 6, 2010

What I've been reading lately

(Blogger is being a pain today - trying to post again.)

I've been reading a lot lately thanks to free and really cheap books I've downloaded on our Kindle or Nook.

If you have an eReader, check out these websites:
Books on the Knob.
AddAll Ebooks.

This week, I read Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, advertised as a funny book.  I must say that my tightwad and frugal self was not amused by the main character as she spent the first nine-tenths of the book running around buying name-brand items with abandon with no concern for her growing debt.  She also threw away her bills so as not to face the music.  The ending was okay, but for crying out loud!  Are people really that stupid?

Currently, I'm reading Landry: The Legend and the Legacy by Bob St. John, a sportswriter who covered the Dallas Cowboys during Tom Landry's coaching career there.  As a long-time Dallas Cowboys fan, I've always admired Coach Landry.  The book covers events after Jerry-Jones-the-lunatic-slimeball-team-owner fired Landry after buying the team.  Let me tell you, Tom Landry was a class act and a man of integrity.  Too bad there aren't more coaches - or men - like him.  (I was astonished to learn that Coach Landry played football for t.u.; I'll forgive him for that.)  

Tomorrow is the I35 Stitchtogether and I'm not taking the BAP.  I'm stitching on "America" as the BAP is annoying and and I chucked it in a corner.  I may not take up the BAP again until January of 2011 as I've got some upcoming Christmas stitching to do and I'm a slow stitcher anyway.


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