Aug 3, 2010

Afghan: Part Two

Now for the tale of the afghan DH uses; it was knitted by his grandmother.

Grandmom was a master-class knitter and crocheter.  She pretty much spent all her time knitting and crocheting.  She was also very proud of her grandkids and great grandkids.  Every new baby in the family received a knitted or crocheted blanket, and if you married into the family, Grandmom knit you a Christmas stocking.  The newly-married couple also received a large two-person afghan (which we still have and use a lot in the winter).

Anyway, somehow, Grandmom heard through the family grapevine that DH and I were pregnant.  (We weren't; we have no children.)  We receive this beautiful knitted and cross-stitched afghan in the mail.  We had no idea why it came as it wasn't near Christmas or one of our birthdays.  However, we noticed that it had suspicious colors - baby pink, blue, white, and yellow.  After a call to DH's mom, we got all the facts were properly straightened out.  Grandmom was sorry to hear that she would not be a great grandma again, but she did graciously allow us to keep the afghan!

Here's a close-up of the back and her neat yarn cross-stitching.  All of the flowers in the afghan are cross stitched!  And no, she didn't like regular cross stitching, but didn't mind doing it with yarn on an afghan - go figure.



Mary said...

Once again, that is gorgeous! My Mom made each of us kids a quilt, and then as grands, great grands, and great grands arrive, she makes a quilt for that person. I love everything she has made for me.


Gloria said...

Both afghans are beautiful and something to be treasured.