Aug 30, 2010

Biscornu finish and snacking

I finished my biscornu - finished as in it is all stitched together, stuffed, and buttoned.  It's a cute little thing.  You can't help but pick it up and fondle it.  I think biscornus are kind of like tribbles.  Maybe I could find one of those little buttons that you sew inside of things - you know, they make music or funny noises.  Only this button should purr.  A purring biscornu...what do you think?

DH was taking a break this weekend, eating a snack and reading the Nook.  Emma was very interested in his snack.  Obsessed.  But she didn't get any of it.  We're pretty strict about not giving her bites of this or that, which is probably why she is not overweight.  



Mary said...

I think you need to find a noisemaker that Melissa made some ornaments last year with noises. Ask where she found them...I think it was Hobby Lobby.

As for Emma, how could your hubby eat with those eyes staring so intensely.


Gloria said...

A noisemaker in the biscornu is a cute idea.

Love Emma's sweet face. I wouldn't be able to resist sharing just a little.

Cindy F. said...

LOVING your biscornu!! Good job girl!!

Ha! Lizzie does the same thing....stares until the last bite is no longer visible:)