Sep 1, 2010

TA DA!!!!!

On Monday evening, August 30, 2010, we used our new bathroom for the first time.  Yep!  It's finally finished!  Well finished except for painting the four cabinet doors - our friend Billy will do that next week and then DH will install them.

Here is a picture from the bathtub.

Here is a picture from the doorway.

Now it's time to move on to the next DIY project which is going to be (FINALLY!) hooking up the propane to my stove.  I have a dual stove; electric ovens and gas burners.  I've been using my ovens, but I've been cooking on an electric hotplate which I hate because I hate cooking on electric burners.  So I'm really looking forward to getting to cook on gas again.  DH hopes to get this task done over the Labor Day weekend.

I am now stitching on "By the Full Moon," one of the Halloween ornaments from the 2010 JCS Halloween issue.  It's on page 27 of the magazine. 



Cindy F. said...

YAY!!!! LISA!!! I am so happy for you and extremely proud of you guys!!
It is absolutely fantastic!!! Beautiful work:) Congratulations to you both:)

Mary said...

Look great! You should post a before and after! And I'm with you on electric burners...I love gas.


Rachel S said...

Woo hoo. That looks fantastic! You all did a great job!

Gloria said...

Congratulations! The bathroom looks very nice. Beautiful job on the tiles.