Sep 20, 2010

Weekend doings

We won't talk about the Dallas Cowboys.

Nor will we talk about the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

The Texas Aggies won their game, the only saving grace to a weekend of football.

Saturday morning, DH and I went to Houston to a gun show.  It was interesting.  I think I got high on testosterone.  I did enjoy seeing all the guns and the people who love them.  And there seemed to be a freakishly high number of very tall and burly men there.  It seemed pretty crowded.  Men, as I have noted previously, shop different than women.  They aren't as pushy or talkative.  If a bunch of men are waiting to look at one item, they are patient and wait quietly.  

I was appalled to see a number of firearms that were PINK.  Get real.  Women have been shooting and bearing arms for centuries.  Making them pink will not entice new women to use guns.  Well, maybe a fashion-conscious gun-using woman might want a pink gun just for the novelty, but c'mon! get real! 

I have lots of tools.  They are a woman's tools because a woman uses them.  None of them are pink.  They don't have to be pink for me to use them.  You don't see tools made in baby blue, do you?!!  I rest my case.

My favorite seller wasn't selling guns at all.  An older gentleman was selling water color and pen and ink drawings of airplanes.  I was very impressed and spent several minutes talking to him about him and his art.  He flew planes in WWII and calls himself a pilot artist.  I always enjoy unexpected encounters such as these.

I finished "Hootzi Humbug" by Just Nan this weekend.  It was a bit fiddly to stitch together, but it came out nice.  I made the mistake of doing the outline assembly backstitching in the same color floss as the linen fabric.  When stitching it together, it was REALLY HARD to tell the floss from the linen.  Note to self: don't do that again.  I am now stitching on "Tribal Seahorse" by White Willow Stitching.



Gloria said...

Pink firearms? Pink tools? Oh good grief! I cannot believe there is a big demand for those things in pink.

Mary said...

Um...Mel would like Love your finish...looks good.


Joey said...

As shocking as it may be, pink guns, tools, and even tasers are gaining popularity among women. Some women love it some hate it. Just like anything. It is a great marketing technique done by gun brokers.