Sep 16, 2010

Getting plastered

My DH is a Certified Prosthetist - he makes custom-made artificial limbs for people.  As part of the fabrication process, a mold is taken of the patient's remaining limb and a plaster model is made from it using No. 1 Molding Plaster.

There is no local company that stocks this plaster.  The closest company that carries it is in Houston and they won't ship it up here.  So every time the company gets low on plaster (it comes in 100-pound bags), someone from the company drives down to Houston in their truck to fetch it.  It's about a four to five hour round trip, depending on traffic.  

I didn't think this was the best use of company time.  And, sensing a stash opportunity, I told DH's boss that I would be happy to fetch the plaster for them in my truck if he would pay my mileage and buy me lunch on the road.  Oh, and the mileage would include a trip to 3 Stitches, my not-so-local LNS.  The boss thought this was a great deal, so yesterday, I fetched 12 bags of plaster up from Houston. 

And I got some stash at 3 Stitches.  I indulged in some NPI silk floss for "Tribal Seahorse" and got several cards of Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid.  I also found some needles I'd never tried out before.  And I found the pre-made pillow for the Homespun Elegance ornament in this year's JCS Christmas Ornament issue (picture on page 50, pattern on page 52).  Actually, Pam, the owner of 3 Stitches, dug the pillow out of a pile for me.  A nice little haul; I had to refrain from fondling the silk on the drive home.  ;-)


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Mary said...

Love the colors of the floss. Are they metallic?