Sep 17, 2010

Before and after

Every now and then, usually about twice a year, we get Emma a haircut.  Today was the day.  Here she is before she went to the groomer - hairy, scruffy, and dirty from spelunking under the house and rolling in the dirt (why can't she roll in the grass?!).

Here she is after her bath and trim, and after I "touched up" her nose and chin area.  Most groomers don't seem to know how to properly trim the face of a Jack Russell; I've given up.  So I just tell them to cut it like a fox terrier and then I finish the job.  

I'm still working on "Hootzi Humbug."  I've just got the beading and some of the backstitching left to do. 



Gloria said...

Emma looks so cute with her new haircut. Even scruffy, Emma is adorable.

Mary said...

Emma looks like she posing...she knows how gorgeous she looks.