Jul 4, 2010

Hurricane blues

Independence Day - Happy Fourth of July!  
(That's red, white, and blue if you didn't cotton on quick.)

No, we haven't been blown away or flooded out by Hurricane Alex, but it has made our lives miserable this last week.  The pressure system from this hurricane is parked over much of Texas and DH and I have had major problems with our sinuses.  We've both kind of felt like one of the living dead and our brains have taken a vacation without us.  Or maybe an alien sucked out our brains - who knows?

I haven't stitched much this week thanks to the weather; not being in my right mind, I was afraid of heavy frog visits.  DH is working on the cabinet for the new bathroom (with Emma's help).  He should get finished installing it over this long weekend, and then I will paint it.


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