Jul 25, 2010

Summer is blazing by

I can't believe a whole week has gotten past me; summer always seems to fly by (as opposed to winter which crawls coldly along).  

Monday, I had jury duty.  In all of my years as a registered voter not attending college, this is the first time I've been called up.  It was as tedious as expected.  (Note to self: if you take your Kindle with you to read while waiting, make sure it is charged up.)  The case we were to hear was settled without need of the jury, but it took the judge and the lawyers three hours to get to that point.  

Since I couldn't read, I passed the time by people watching.  Lawyers look like lawyers, but in Texas a great many of them wear fancy cowboy boots.  Some of my fellow jurors came in off the ranch.  A lot of women wear stupid shoes that will eventually damage their feet, with spike heels that cause them to slip on the cement staircase.  Spike heels make you walk like you have a corncob stuck up your bohonkus; it ain't sexy.  Young women who are dancers can fold themselves up into small corners while reading books.  Most people under thirty amuse themselves by playing with their phones.  People over thirty read newspapers or books.  The Texas Ranger I saw had a decided limp.  The parole officer attending was pretty scary looking; he'd frighten me into behaving if I needed his services.  Some folks will talk to anybody, and others you know to leave alone.  A local police officer gave me a start as he looked exactly like my cousin's husband.  Some people can sleep anywhere.

We've been working on the bathroom and I expect to be painting stuff for most of the coming week.  DH is out in his workshop making doors for cabinetry as I type.  They will be among the items I must paint.

I have been stitching some on "America" and am having a blast stitching it.  I'll post an update tomorrow.  As I stitched yesterday afternoon, DH and Emma vegged out on the couch for a bit.
I'm working on framing a couple of pieces I finished year before last.  They've been languishing in a drawer waiting for framing.  I've been doing a little interior decorating and finally have a place to display them.  Once I get them framed and in their proper place, I'll post a picture.



Gloria said...

No jury duty for me either. Case was settled but what a good place to people watch.

I'm glad to see Emma resting. She stays so busy keeping an eye on y'all.

Mary said...

I love to people watch. It's amusing what observations are made. And, I NEVER go anywhere without something to read. I get antsy just sitting and there is only so much you can do on the phone.

So, was Emma reading along with Kirk? She didn't appear to interested in what he chose..lol.