Jul 15, 2010

Paint your wagon

I realize that I am not posting a lot this summer.  Blame the paint.  It seems as if I am spending the majority of my days painting or polyurethaning something.  This week I have been finishing up the painting in DH's workshop.  I finished it before lunch.  Whee-e-o!!

This afternoon I am going out riding on the riding mower for a bit.  The driveway is "shuushhhhing" the underside of the car/truck due to the high grass and it needs attention.  

Next week, or possibly starting this weekend, I'll be painting the cabinet in the bathroom.  I'm happy at least that I will be inside in the air conditioning for this paint job; all the painting and polyurethaning I've done in DH's workshop has been in the heat.  And boy! has it been hot.

Speaking of hot, why is it that people complain about the heat?  It seems like every message board or blog I've read this week has people complaining about the heat.  It's summer time folks; it gets hot in the summer.  I love the summer.  I like the heat.  I don't like cold weather or snow.  I guess that's why I live in the south.

I'm enjoying stitching on "America" when I'm not reading.  It's coming along and it's a very fun stitch.


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Gloria said...

I was wondering what you have been up to. Glad you can paint inside with A/C now.

Your WIP looks great.