Jul 7, 2010

Too much water and things that creep in the night

Yesterday afternoon, as the grass had finally dried enough to mow and rain was forecasted for the evening, I got out the push mower and mowed the front inside yard.  I was nearly done when I accidentally hit the outside faucet water pipe with the mower.  This resulted in an instant gushing yard-drowning stream of water.  Luckily, I hit the pipe right above the shut off valve, so I got the water shut off quickly.  So there I was, covered in grass, dirt, mud, and pollen with no way to take a shower as I'd just had to turn off all the water to the house!  Ugh.

So I called my knight in shining armor (okay, a button-down shirt and khaki pants), and he got off work a little early to fix the pipe after making a plumbing supply stop at Lowe's.  I had to take a couple of pictures of the pipe and send them to DH so he'd know what he needed to buy at Lowe's to fix it.  DH soon had water flowing again and I got my shower.  Finally.

At about 2:10 a.m. this morning, I woke up and turned over in bed.  I wake up several times a night and usually go right back to sleep.  So there I was, lying comfortably in bed with my good ol' CPAP mask strapped to my face and drowsing back to sleep.  Suddenly, I felt a multi-legged creature run over my lips and up the side of my nose and face.  I brushed frantically at my face, sat up, ripped off my CPAP mask, and leaped out of bed.  I didn't holler because it's hard to holler with a CPAP mask on.  Of course, all this commotion this woke up DH.  He asked if I was alright.  "Of course I'm not alright," I exclaimed, "a bleepin' spider just ran across my face!!!"

So we turned on the lights and DH searched for and killed the offending arachnid.  I, of course, had a hard time going back to sleep after the adrenalin rush of finding a spider on my face.  Cursed spider!

I am really enjoying stitching on "America" and plan to spend the afternoon stitching.  May y'all have a spider-free afternoon and evening!



Rachel S said...

Hope things are going a bit better.

Gloria said...

That spider incident...OMG!
*full body shudder*
Makes me want to sleep with a bag over my head. I know I can't do that. But I want to now.