Aug 5, 2011

My stitching mojo was dying of boredom: a new WIP

I was about half finished with "One Nation" when, due to boredom with the project, I noticed that my stitching mojo had died; I hadn't stitched in over a week and I didn't want to stitch!  So I chucked "One Nation" in a drawer and started "Moonlit Kitties," a Mill Hill beaded kit.  I was originally drawn to this design because of the bright colors and cute kitties.

I've never stitched one of these before and find it interesting.  This is a very complete kit and it has plenty of supplies.  It came with everything including a floss and a beading needle.  I purchased the frame for it also as DH probably won't have time to make one in the near future.

I don't mind stitching on the perforated paper, except when stitching on the far right of it; my hands aren't large and I end up turning the paper 90 degrees to reach that side.  Here's a picture of my progress.  It didn't photograph well, maybe because the perforated paper is sitting on a white background?  The paper is a much darker color - nearly a navy blue.



Gloria said...

I have not seen Moonlit Kitties. I really like this one. I have done a couple of Mill Hill kits and plan to do a couple more.

Mary said...

That's cute! I've lost my mojo also so decided to stitch some small pieces.