Aug 31, 2011

Are we done yet?!

This summer's heat is really wearing on me.  I'm all done with summer.  Heck, I'd settle for temperatures in the 90s instead of these constant 100+ degree F. days.  And rain would be nice, too.

DH was fighting his allergies this weekend, so he didn't get as much done as he wanted to.  Still, he was able to get the sheetrock ready for me to paint.

All the stuff that was in our kitchen is currently piled in our den, including some cabinets.  DH managed to mount two of them back on the wall in their proper place - YAY!  But I've still got tons of stuff stacked around the den.  But two cabinets is progress!

Piles of cabinetry and other stuff. 

Two cabinets gone.

More piles of stuff & Inspector Emma.

DH mounting the two cabinets.


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TinaTx said...

I hear ya! I'm so over this summer. You know it is bad when you start looking for tropical storms just hoping to get some rain and a little cool-down!
Turn up the a/c and hang in there - it can't last forever! (even if it feels like it already has!)