Aug 2, 2011

While we're at it...

As I've previously mentioned, the kitchen/utility room of our house was originally a porch.  As such, it was not attached well to the main house.  DH wanted to rectify that since the kitchen was already in shambles.  To do that, he needed to access the wall studs, so he tore out a ratty upper cabinet and a lot more sheetrock.   

See the light at the top of the following picture?  Yeah.  That's daylight.  There is nothing holding the kitchen wall and the den wall together.  Scary, eh?  DH spent a morning fixing that and making sure both parts of our house are firmly attached.  He used a lot of lumber and lots of really long screws.

We figured as long as the wall was open, we'd go ahead and replace the old drafty window.  It is single pane and the top "glass" is actually plastic sheeting.  And we also decided to move the sink back to its original place under the window instead of under upper cabinets.  Here's how the area looked before DH ripped it out - don't you think this window needs (and had) a sink under it?

And I can get rid of my fancy porcelain Kohler extra-deep double sink that is the size of Iowa and stains if you look at it.  We'll be giving it to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  We'll replace it with a large non-double non-deep stainless steel sink.

DH will be able to insulate the parts of the walls that are open - notice how there is nothing in there now?  Yeah.  Cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

To be continued...


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