Aug 16, 2011

Our kitchen progress

DH worked like a dog this weekend.  Actually, I think he worked harder than a dog as our dog rarely works; she naps a lot.  DH would have gotten all of his "to do" list done if he hadn't have to help the satellite installation guy (but I'm glad he did).
- replace the kitchen window with a new more energy efficient one.
- rewire all the plugs under the kitchen cabinets so we can plug in appliances.
- insulate the walls with fiberglass batting.
- install new sheetrock
where it was torn out.  He only got this 2/3's done.
- tape and bed the new sheetrock.  He can't do this until all the sheetrock is hung.

And you would not believe how much cooler our house is with the kitchen insulated and mostly sheetrocked!  Maybe now I won't spend my afternoons and evenings sweating.  Here's a picture of where we are:

I haven't stitched all weekend.  But I will this evening and I'll post a picture of progress later this week.  Emma says, "Hi!"



Gloria said...

"..he worked harder than a dog as our dog rarely works." Not true! Emma supervises/inspects all work. That looks like hard work to me!

That's a cute pic of Emma. She looks so happy.

Chase Conely said...

Doggies don't have a lot of work to do in kitchens, anyway. Still, your DH seems to have his work cut out for him. So far, it's looking good, so congrats for all the hard work he's done so far.

-Chase Conely