Aug 13, 2011

Windows and speed

DH took out the old kitchen window and replaced it with the new one.  He had to reframe it and then foam it into place.  It took him most of the day because he was interrupted.  More on that in a moment.

Old window from the outside.
Old window gone!
New window set and foamed in place.
New window from the inside.

We live out in the boonies, out where you can't get a fast internet connection.  No DSL, no broadband, and until recently, no satellite service.  Well, there is a satellite service, but it wasn't taking on new customers.  

I originally had landline service out here, but then switched to an AT&T air card.  It was marginally faster than the landline, even though we have an AT&T cell tower less than 1000 feet from our house.  AT&T upgraded the tower from 1G to 2G service in March and the internet connection speed got even slower and I never had a full antenna showing on the air card window.  Despite repeated calls to AT&T, the problem was never fixed.  AT&T kept saying "our computer shows the tower is functioning properly."  They said the problem must be with our air card.  Then why are we having the same connection problems with our Kindle, eh?  We are not fond of AT&T.

DH kept calling around and e-mailing providers, hoping that a provider had upgraded and could serve our area.  He lucked out a couple of weeks ago.   The provider that wasn't accepting new customers started accepting them again.  So we signed up and the installer was out yesterday morning to get us hooked up.  DH had to stop and climb around in the attic with the installer to help him find the right wall to run the cable down.  

But we are now hooked up and running.  While I'm not connected at a blazing speed, I can at least get a page with lots of pictures to download in less than a minute.  With the air card, I could start a picture-laden page loading and then go off and wash a sink full of dishes, fold a load of laundry, and cross stitch for half an hour before the page finished loading, if it finished at all.  I'm a happy "surfer."


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Gloria said...

Way to go! After using the air-card, the dish will probably seem like blazing-fast speed.