Aug 22, 2011

Rocking along

My current WIP "Moonlit Kitties" met an untimely demise last Wednesday.  As you'll recall, I was stitching it on the perforated paper included in the kit.  Perforated paper is pretty tough stuff.  Usually.  

While stitching on it and with it in my hand, I got up from my stitching chair to go find my ringing cell phone.  In my haste, I dropped the paper.  While still moving, I grabbed the edge of the paper to pick it up off the floor.  Unfortunately, I lost my balance a bit and my foot landed on the side of the paper I was not grabbing just as I pulled.  The paper ripped completely in two, right through all my stitching.  DOH!  

Oh well.  I really wasn't liking stitching on the perforated paper, mainly because of its size; I was having difficulty reaching the middle of the paper easily when stitching.  I would have kept on working on it because I like the design; I just wasn't liking the paper so much.  I still want to stitch this, but I think I'll look for some dark blue hand-dyed FABRIC to stitch it on when I do.

So I decided to stitch up one of the Halloween ornaments from the recent issue of Just Cross Stitch instead of mourning the demise of "Moonlit Kitties."  I should finish it tonight and I'll post a picture tomorrow.

DH worked hard this weekend and has the kitchen nearly ready for me to start painting.  He just has a few places on the tape and bedding to smooth and touch up, perfectionist that he is.  Emma supervised.


He replaced the old trim around the outside of the new window for now.  You may have wondered what kind of siding we seem to have.  As our house is an old hunting cabin that was built in stages with repurposed materials, the siding is roofing shingles - "poor man's siding."  As we renovate, we'll eventually replace all those green shingles with Hardi-plank siding and yellow paint.  The bottom picture shows what it will look like.  This is the newest part of the house tied into the old part.  Yeah, that old window on the left looks like it is crammed up against the new part of the house.  It will be replaced at some point with a new and smaller window and it won't look so jammed then.


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