Aug 4, 2011

Plumbing ready and subfloor done

DH got the plumbing for the change in the kitchen sink position all ready and then finished replacing the subfloor.  Next, he will lay a second subfloor made of engineered OSB - 4' x 8' sheets especially designed for use as a subfloor.  Later, after we get all the cabinetry made, we'll install the actual flooring material.

We wanted something that wasn't too expensive, but that would last 5-10 years which is when we plan to really redo the kitchen.  We previously had down very cheap linoleum flooring (38 cents a square foot) that got dented, dinged, and torn easily.  So we bought some engineered vinyl plank flooring (67 cents a square foot) from Lowe's that clicks together.  We will glue the seams also as - according to the manufacturer - this will waterproof it for kitchen use.

After we get the cabinets made, I can move all my stuff back into the kitchen that is now piled haphazardly around the den in precarious stacks.  I won't have to wash dishes in the bathtub as I'll have a kitchen sink with running water again.  We can move the stove back into the kitchen and use it, and I won't have to cook on hotplates and I'll be able to use my oven again.  And then we'll be done in the kitchen and can go back to working on the DIY project that the leak-under-the-kitchen-sink-fiasco interrupted.


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Gloria said...

You and your DH amaze me. Y'all are so skilled at home renovation projects and you do such a good job.