Mar 25, 2008

Bobs and Bobbins

I'm one of those stitchers that stores my DMC and Anchor floss on flat plastic bobbins. I use the generic Hobby Lobby brand because I like the tighter slits on them. The DMC bobbins have larger slits that allow the floss to come out too easily. Yeah, I'm picky. But my specialty floss (silks, over-dyeds, etc.) is stored on EZ-Bobs. These are cool little bobbins that are round and self-cover the floss to keep it clean. They interconnect together for storage. If I didn't already have two sets of DMC wound on flat bobbins (and I wasn't such a tightwad), I'd consider storing all my floss on these. The cheapest place on the Internet I've found to buy them is 3 Stitches in Spring, TX. They sell them for 25 cents each (click here). (They are usually 35 to 50 cents in stores.) I just love these Bobs! I should get the "Summer" panel on my bellpull done tonight, and I'll post a picture tomorrow.

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