Mar 28, 2008

What's next?

I should stitch on DH's "Bandanna Stocking," but I need a small project to use to demonstrate stretching, mounting, and framing at the next IH35 Stitchtogether on April 5th. Recently, JBW came out with an addition to the "French Country" series; she added a Dog to go along with the Cat. The Cat was a quick and fun stitch, and the Dog should be, too. Here's what he looks like: I've already stitched the Cat, so now I'll stitch the Dog. I flipped the Dog pattern to face in the opposite direction. When I get him finished, they'll hang on the wall facing each other. The Cat was stitched with 28 count opalescent limited-edition blue Jazyln from Silkweaver, with Silk N Colors Blue Seas. The Dog will be stitched on 28 count opalescent Jazlyn, color Crystal Spring, from Picture This Plus, with NPI Northern Lights silk in Sea Green. DH made the Cat's frame and I painted it. We'll do the same for the Dog.

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