Mar 31, 2008

HoH's got a ribbon, too!

I'm hard-of-hearing (HoH), and I use hearing aids in a hearing world. Recently, I came across a website for personalized ribbons or bracelets (think pink ribbon for breast cancer and yellow "Live Strong" bracelets). Click here for website. There's a ribbon/bracelet for just about everything out there, and those with hearing loss have one, too! Our colors are gold and silver and includes Hearing Impairments, Hearing Disorders, Meniere's Disease, and Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Cool! And yeah, I know. I promised to post a picture of my finished JBW "French Country Dog." I got it finished last night and didn't like the positioning of the word "Dog." So I'm frogging and restitching. Hopefully, I'll post later today.

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