Mar 24, 2008

Done but not Finished

I have no idea how I'm going to finish these two projects I did last year. They're still languishing in a drawer. I've thought of finishing them as pillows, but I'm not one for having lots of pillows lying about. They're too big for stand ups. An oval frame won't work either. I'm thinking of having DH make matching rustic wood frames, hinging them together side-by-side, and then displaying them on a table top - kind of like those gold metal hinged frames you find for photos.
This is "Beau Leggy in the Desert" and "Calamity Pippi and the Horse She Rode in On" by Ink Circles (click and scroll down to bottom of page). Done on 28 count Misty Blue Quaker linen with DMC, they were both a very fun stitch. I love the quirkiness of these two designs!


Hi! I'm Michelle said...

I LOVE these! They are such a fun stitch! You did a beautiful job!

LoneStar said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for dropping by. I think I first saw Pippi and Beau on your blog stitched on the Charles Craft pillows. I almost stitched them on those, but I'm not much of a pillow person. I left the colors as designed 'cause I liked that they were a little weird.

Rachel S said...

I love your finishes of them!