Mar 19, 2008

Frog invasion

Yesterday I settled in for a few hours of stitching and was promptly visited by the frog. Have you ever noticed how some patterns cause you to frog more than others? Or, you'll have one section or motif on a pattern that you frog repeatedly? ARRGH!
I was visited by the Repeating Frog (yes, there are different species of stitching frogs). I was trying to stitch a small, white park bench on my current WIP (PS 123 "Summer"). I frogged it FOUR TIMES! I apparently lacked eyes to see or a brain to count accurately. But I finally kicked the frog's little green butt out the door and got it done.
The Repeating Frog evidently didn't read the sign on my floss box. This was stitched for me by a stitching friend (Thanks, Mel!). When she gave it to me, she wearily pointed out that even though she had carefully charted the "FROGS ALLOWED" part, it ended up off-center due to an Off By That Much! Frog visit. She left it as a tribute to froggish ingenuity.

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