Mar 30, 2008

Tightwaddery and framing

My local Hobby Lobby sells off their "orphan" frames twice a year. These are custom frames that were refused by a customer or slightly damaged. When they hit 80-90% off, I buy the ones I think I'll use - the bigger, the better.
The bigger the frame, the more linear feet I can get out of it. Once, I drove home with three door-sized frames in the back of Old Faithful (my '88 Chevy pickup with 223,000+ miles on it). I spent $37.00 and ended up with about 54 linear feet.
DH cuts them down to the correct size for me. Last year, I spent a total of $100.00 and ended up with 250 linear feet of frame . If I had paid full price, it would have cost me $1200.00. Another tightwad triumph!
Now, some of you are saying, "My DH is not at all handy, nor does he work with power saws." Be aware that many frame shops (not places like Hobby Lobby or Michael's who do not have the tools to cut frame stock on location) are happy to cut down a frame for you for a nominal fee. I was tipped off about this service and about Hobby Lobby's orphan frame clearance by the guy who owns the frame shop that cuts glass and mats for me.

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