Mar 17, 2008

How my mouth got me in trouble...

I told my mother-in-law that I would stitch something for her. She likes large paintings of flowers, with a more oriental flair. My only stipulation was that I had to like the pattern, too. I also told her that if it was a large pattern, it could take me a couple of years to stitch it. She was fine with all of that, so off we went into cyberspace, checking out cross-stitch patterns.
She ended up liking "Wild Things" from a painting by Sachi sold by the Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery (CSPG). It was in their Limited-Edition Gallery (and is no longer there and no longer available). The pattern is 270w x 196h with 54 colors. It is solid-stitched and will contain 52,920 stitches when finished! ACK! What was I thinking?!
Luckily, I like it, too. I started it on 1-24-08 and had two pages done by 3-3-08. I'm planning to stitch one or two pages at a time and then stop and do a smaller project in between. It's been a fun stitch, so far. This is the upper left corner in case you can't tell. :-)

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Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Oh WOW! That is going to be gorgeous!! Love all that color! You've stitched two pages in no time. :) You'll be done before you know it. Very pretty!