Mar 13, 2009

Another hosehead post

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a stitching blog, but I'm indulging in my right to run amok on another topic. And who knows? Maybe someone out there in blogdom is reading who is being a dummy like I was and ignoring their sleep apnea and my posts will encourage them to do something about it.
The weather here has been south Texas spring funky. On Monday, we had 80s and sunshine. It was a great night for softball and we resoundingly lost our two games. Our record is two wins out of seven. Oh well.
On Wednesday, the weather changed. The temperatures dropped about 40 degrees, it clouded over and started to rain. It's been like that ever since. I know we need the rain, but I still dislike a lot of cloudy and rainy weather. I'm part plant; I need the sun!
I have a new blog to read. Lynn is a fellow cross-stitcher and hosehead! *waving to Lynn*
I now have another message board to obsess over. I joined the CPAP Talk forum. I have learned tons and really appreciate finding it as a resource. However, I found myself laughing. No matter what the subject, there are always nice folks, trolls, trouble-makers, helpful people, kind people, know-it-alls, and goof balls on any message forum. CPAP Talk is no exception.
UPS is delivering all my CPAP stuff to DH's work today. I never get home delivery anymore because our driveway would strike terror in the heart of even the most bravest of drivers - especially when it's raining. So this weekend, I'll be trying all the stuff out and hopefully sleeping successfully with it.
I'll have to add a gadget to my blog sidebar with all my hosehead information. That's the first thing people want to know when they find out you're a hosehead, too.
At the "sleep" center, they used a full-face CPAP mask on me. I woke up with major TMJ pain and a horrendous tension headache, not to mention really dry and red eyes. These problems were all caused by the headgear on the mask putting tension and pressure on my jaw and neck. So the first thing I looked at was available masks.
I will be trying this one first: the CPAP Pro from It has no headgear or straps.
Most of the time (95%), I don't notice I have TMJ. Once you have it, you always have it. Now I'll only have symptoms if I have a prolonged dental work session or I play too many innings of softball behind the plate with my catcher's mask on. :-) And I'd like to keep it that way - minimal or no TMJ symptoms are good. The CPAP Pro looks like it will fit the bill. If I need to, I can get my dentist to make me a custom bite-plate for it. He's a hosehead, too. Apparently, they are everywhere!
Yes, I've been stitching. If I can get a lot done, I'll try to post a picture this weekend.


Gloria said...

I hope it works well for you. It's a shame that you had to search for information and answers to your questions. Sheesh, you would think doctors were better informed.
Your WIP is lookin' great!

Cindy F. said...

I hope your new gadget works well for you! Jeez...TMJ! So sorry girl!

Being in New Braunfels, we had the same temps! I love the winters in Texas, but like you...I need my sunshine and I don't like the cold!
I hear we're supposed to be warmer tomorrow!