Mar 14, 2009

Best laid plans...

DH had great plans for the weekend. He was gonna put the finishing touches on the UBSU and then start on our new bathroom. Unfortunately, he is feeling poorly.
There's a sinusy/flu-ish thing going around. DH works with several folks who have children. It is rampant in the schools. DH's technician, Billy, has seven kids and three of them have this. One of the other technician's son has it, too. Apparently, they are carriers of this disease. The boss went home early on Friday because he has it. DH came home from work with it.
He will spend the weekend resting and getting better. Emma is "helping."
All I can say is he better not give it to me!


Cindy F. said...

Hope dh feels better soon! and I laughed when you said he'd better not give it to you! I tell my husband the same...and wash my hands if I'm near!!
How precious is Emma:)

Gloria said...

Hope your dh is feeling much better now. Looks like Emma is taking good care of him. LOL

Patti said...

Hope your DH is feeling much better. That virus that is going around is terrible. Your picture was so cute because your poor sick DH is kind of scrunched up to make room for stretched out Emma. It reminded me of something my dog would do when we are under the weather. Emma is totally adorable!