Mar 17, 2009

Blog Anniversary and Happy St. Pat's Day

Today is my blog anniversary. Whee-ee-o! I have blogged for one year and averaged a post every 1.825 days, or 200 posts out of 365 days. Hopefully, I can maintain or surpass that average this year.
DH is over his disease. He came home from work last night and actually had enough energy to think about doing some things out in his shop. That is, until we were both overcome by DQ Blizzard cravings. So we drove to town and enjoyed Blizzards. DH had a French Silk Pie Blizzard and I had a Reeses' Blizzard. We had been enjoying leftover-from-the-holidays Yule Flip Peppermint Chip Blizzards until our DQ finally ran out of that flavor last week. Bummer. Oh well. There's no such thing as a bad Blizzard.
My computer monitor is wonking out. I get this fuzzy, distorted band at the top of the screen when I first turn it on. After a bit of time (which grows longer each day), it resolves itself. My sortof computer geek Bro-the-bean-counter says it is either the monitor dying or my video card. He told me to plug my monitor into a different computer to figure out which problem it is. So I'll have to lug my monitor up to DH's work this week to plug it in to a computer there. So I'll either be in the market for a new monitor or a new video card sometime soon. Yippee.


Rachel S said...

Happy Blogoversary! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

mark said...

I love the Blizzard Runs! DH and I do the same thing!


Daffycat said...

Happy blogoversary!