Mar 26, 2009

Ramblings and a retreat

I've been battling my sinuses all week. They've been a pain. Literally. Oh well.
I haven't stitched a lick.
This weekend, I am going on a stitching retreat with a couple of my IH35 Stitchtogether buddies, Mary and Sandi. I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it. Of course, I have to get up before dawn cracks tomorrow so I can get to Austin "ninish" to finish the journey to the retreat as Mary is driving us from Austin to Leakey. So I will get some stitching in this weekend. And I'll post a report of the frivolities next week.
They're having a gadget auction at the retreat, and every attendee is asked to donate something. So my wonderful DH made some floss sticks for me to donate. He made three. Two are out of walnut, and the other is of oak. I'll take a picture of them and post it next week.
I had to go to town today to stock up on man-food for DH to consume this weekend. He likes kielbasa sausage, mustard tater salad, tortilla chips, and Oreos. This will get him through the weekend. Men. I would have made do on just the Oreos alone.
Emma gets a haircut twice a year. She is a rough-coat Jack Russell terrier so her hair is longer and fluffier than the smooth-coat ones. We trim her at the beginning of spring and late summer as it makes it easier to bathe her. She's a pig pen and doesn't mind being dirty, but she gets whiffy when she is dirty. Ladylike she is not. Anyway, here she is freshly washed and shorn.


Rachel S said...

I would also have been fine with the Oreos, maybe with some peanut M&Ms for dessert . . . or protein.

Have fun at your retreat.

Gloria said...

LOL at the man food.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend at the retreat. Expecting a full report when you return.
Emma's new do is very nice. But Emma is always gorgeous.