Mar 8, 2009

Weekend workings

Well, DH and I were on a roll with house projects and didn't want to interrupt our momentum, so I didn't make it to the IH35 Stitchtogether yesterday. I'll post the information about it later this week; anyone is invited to come.
I got all the painting done on the UBSU. Hopefully, DH can install the doors and drawers today and I'll post a picture once it's done. DH is giving my overhead desk cabinets their final sanding as I post, so they're done, too! I'll be painting them this week.
DH also decided that we might as well replace our front screen door as it was in really bad shape. He couldn't repair it enough for it to work correctly - as in keep out all the wonderful Texas insects. So he replaced it. The temperatures have been up in the low 80s this week and we've enjoyed having doors and windows open. And there's nothing that says home to me like the sound of a screen door slapping closed! (That's the first of the two overhead cabinets to the left of the new door there - it's waiting for paint!)
And I got some stitching time in while I waited for paint to dry. I'll post a picture of my WIP sometime this week also.
Happy Return Day of Daylight Savings Time!


Gloria said...

Very nice screen door!
The old door reminds me of the one we had when I was a kid. My brother and I tied my sister to the screen door. We took turns slamming the door until mother came out and ended our fun. Thanks for the memory. LOL

Cindy F. said...

Nice! Isn't it great to have handymen as dh's?!