Mar 2, 2009

Screened in

With the onset of spring (yeah, it comes early here in south central Texas), DH and I decided that we really couldn't live without a screen door on our side door. The old one fell apart when DH replaced the old door with a new one last fall. In order to get a nice cooling cross breeze through the house, we need to open both the front and the side door. And we live in Texas where bugs thrive year 'round, so we need screen doors on both of them.
So DH spent part of the weekend installing one. (That's Emma's dog door and ramp into the house there to the left of our grill.)
A note from my stitching chair: I stitched quite a bit this weekend as it was too cold and windy to paint UBSU doors and drawer fronts. I will post a picture of my WIP progress tomorrow.


LoriRay said...

Hey woman! I'll be watching for the WIP picture tomorrow. ;-)

Gloria said...

That screen door is a very wise idea. Love Emma's very own private entrance.
Glad that you are getting some stitching time. Looking forward to your WIP.

DogLover said...

I bought this same Pet Door and love it!

Cyndi said...

Spring! No, ma'am, it's still winter. We're sitting here with the fireplace going full blast and two feet of snow still on the ground on the south side of this canyon (the sun just doesn't get to this side of the canyon!). You go ahead and delude yourself into thinking it's spring.

: )